From Applicant
Q: What positions are available?
A: Positions
    Telephone calls 

Q: What are applicant’s qualifications?
A: Each client has it’s own requirements for each positions available. There shows are published per job openings.

Q: What are the basic requirements?
A: Initially, we need of the ff
2 sets of resume with job description
School Certificate (s)
Employment certificate (s)
4 passport size pictures
Passport copy
For ex-abroad: previous visas and certificate(s) of employment

Q: How do we apply?
A: Just fill-up the online application form from our website email to us we’ll get back to you for further evaluation and visit/drop-off your application in our office at 1081 Quirino Hi-way Kaligayahan, Novaliches, Quezon City 1123, Phils.

Q: How do we know if we are hired?
A: Our office representative gets in touch with you either by call, e-mail or telegram.

Q: What are terms and conditions for hired applicants?
A: Each employer’s terms and conditions for employment are discussed in details personally to the candidates

Q: Is there any placement fee?
A: Some employers pay for the fee, some are not. The fees are directly discussed / arranged with the applicants.

Q: Any age limit for the applicants ?
A: Yes, depending on the employer’s requirements.